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Guns N’ Hoses Tournament Results / October 9, 2015
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Bout 1      Winner  Steve “The Pounder”Peponis                                                 Zachary “The Wildman” Burgess Bout 2     Winner     Joshua “The Snake” Wallet                                      Joshua “Hurricane” Hains    Bout 3     Winner     Joshua “Knock out” Knoechel                                      Robert “Superman “ Spencer Bout 4     Winner     Daniel  “The Ferocious”  Fry                                       Lee “Lightning’ Hines   Bout 5     Winner     Andrea “Bazooka”Alt                                      Lisa “Bam Bam” Crisafi    Bout 6     Winner     Jeremy ” Bettyy” White                                            Anthony  “The Grizzly “  Bear Bout 7     Winner      Jeffery “Bulldog” Sellers                                             Shawn “ Whirlwind” Wurazelbacher Bout 8     Winner     Josh “The wrecker” Medors                                              Ernie “ the destroyer”Dodson Bout 9     Winner     Ryan “Thunder “Braun                                              Zachary “Lights out “ Murphy Bout 10   Winner     Justin “The Beast” Aichele                                              Austin “The Animal” Brown Bout 11   Winner     Duston “ Killer” Kurilko                                             Nicholas “The Alabama clam                                                                       Hammer” Stiens Bout 12   Winner     Jacob  “ The Jackel” Wloszek                                            David “The Terminator” Talmage  Bout 13   Winner     Lakisha “Sweet Mama” Gross                                            Sarah “Lady of Doom” Barrial Bout 14   Winner     John “The Mule” Rose                                             Robert “The Admiral “ Perry Bout 15   Winner     Trent “The Nightmasre” Neeley                                             Jason “Big Country” Shope Bout 16   Winner     Justin “Punch Drunk” Morgan                                             Nicholas “Bad Weather” Rainey   Bout 17   Winner     Joseph “The Machette” Crawford                                            Dane “ Dangerous” Fienning   Bout 18   Winner      Kurt “Thunderstruck” Wetterer                                             Ryan “the Old House” Olthaus Bout 19   Winner     Todd “Toddzilla” Estep                                              Derek “Lock N Load” Collins Bout 20   Winner     Jeanean” Jay,Ja”y Church                                             Molly “Mad Woman”Cajacob  Bout 21   Winner     Caroll “Chip” Todd                                                Chase “Too Tall” Sttewart  Bout 22   Winner     Mark “Take no prisoners” Quinn                                            Richard  “Rock Hard” Rose   Jr
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